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Understanding Grooming Techniques Kelli Palfy
Understanding Grooming Techniques by Dr. Kelli Palfy Registered Psychologist 4675            Grooming techniques are deliberate acts and gestures which offenders, especially preferential child molesters, often engaged in. The deeds, gestures and activities which are perfectly legal and not harmful in themselves, are later ...

Sleep Hygiene Group Kelli Palfy
Need More Sleep? Sleep is as essential to us as food and water.  Many people have problems falling asleep, staying asleep and/or waking early.  Sleep is sensitive to environmental stressors, emotional distress and major life events.  These sessions are for ...

Involuntary Arousal Kelli Palfy
In consensual sexual encounters, arousal and the achievement of orgasm are welcomed outcomes. Under normal sexual conditions, experiencing an orgasm is the ultimate ecstatic state. Sexual arousal occurs not only as a physical state but as a ...

Reasons for non-disclosure cont... Kelli Palfy
4) Memory loss due to traumatization – Many victims dissociate during abuse.  In extreme abuse cases of dissociation, boys become so traumatized that their brain literally protects them from remembering the information that would be too hard for them ...

If it is so common why is no one talking about it? Kelli Palfy
Currently I am conducting research at the University of Alberta to better understand why males do not commonly report sexual abuse. If you are a professional working in any capacity - from addictions treatment, correction, policing, counselling, ministry or ...

My interest in working with adult male survivors of sexual abuse Kelli Palfy
In 2006 I was an RCMP officer. I was working in the Integrated Child Sexual Exploitation (ICE) Unit of the Behavioural Sciences Group. I was sent to Ottawa for specialized training where guest speaker Sheldon Kennedy spoke to us ...

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Do you lie in bed awake for more than 20 minutes begging for sleep to come?

If the answer is yes...get up out of bed and go do something else! Do something fun, but not too emotionally or physically stimulating. Sleep experts tell us that it is better to get out of your bed, than to 'condition' your bed to become a place where you go to fear sleep. Don’t try go back to bed for at least half an hour...This should help you get more sleep in the long run. Having nightmares? I can help....come see me

Are you a man who wonders if you were really a victim?

Check out my blog on understanding grooming techniques and pick up a copy of my book! What begins as abuse remains matter how your body responded.


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