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My interest in working with adult male survivors of sexual abuse Kelli Palfy

In 2006 I was an RCMP officer. I was working in the Integrated Child Sexual Exploitation (ICE) Unit of the Behavioural Sciences Group. I was sent to Ottawa for specialized training where guest speaker Sheldon Kennedy spoke to us about the abuse he suffered under Coach Graham James (this is public info also shared in his book). He stated that he believed certain parents suspected or knew he was being abused, but did nothing, likely out of fear of disrupting their own child’s hockey career. 

He also spoke of why he never said anything to anyone: a) in part because he didn’t want to disappoint his parents who were grateful he’d gotten the opportunities he had; b) he did not want to be labelled as homosexual, c) he feared it may end his hockey career…etc.

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Check out my blog on understanding grooming techniques and pick up a copy of my book! What begins as abuse remains matter how your body responded.


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