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What Male Offenders Say About Their Victims Kelli Palfy

Research focused on non-incarcerated perpetrators of male abuse (not receiving evaluations or treatment) were recruited from a broad socioeconomic spectrum. Many were young and well-educated. Each was informed that participation was voluntary and given immunity from prosecution. Participants were instructed to provide only general details of their offenses, including their preferred age and gender of victim, along with the frequency of their offences. Researchers interviewed 561 perpetrators ranging from 13 to 76. Of these, 153 admitted to targeting boys outside their family. Each stated they had sexually abused on average 150 victims each. “These individuals admitted to having committed the greatest number of child molestation acts against the greatest number of child victims.” The high percentage of offences committed by those who target young boys indicates the serial nature of male abuse.

Research indicates the perpetrators of sexual abuse of young boys are more likely to use physical force, threats, and violence during their assaults. They also generally engage in their abuse more frequently and over longer periods of time. Male victims also are more likely than females to have had more than one assailant. 


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