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Tormented Teen? Kelli Palfy
Tormented Teen?

Ever Wonder Why One of Your Kids is So Tormented?


As a parent, do you find yourself wondering why one child grew up to be so drastically different than the rest? Why one is so well behaved and the other is off the charts, behaviourally? Why is there one kid that you are ALWAYS getting calls about from the school? Little Billy is disrupting the class...AGAIN!


What if I told you that he isn't "bad"; he may in fact be trying to tell you something that he doesn't yet know how to talk about.


Things are not always as they appear. Children and teens often choose to be the class clown, bully or self-isolating silent victim as a means to cope with having been abused. Children and teens won't disclose their abuse without proper prompting (ask them directly if they have been abused) AND privacy!


Instead of getting angry at their behaviour, make time and space for an open discussion and see what you can learn about your child today...


By: Dr. Kelli Palfy

Author of Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse, available on Amazon, Audible & Kindle:


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Check out my blog on understanding grooming techniques and pick up a copy of my book! What begins as abuse remains matter how your body responded.


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