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Tormented Teen? Kelli Palfy
Tormented Teen?
Ever Wonder Why One of Your Kids is So Tormented?   As a parent, do you find yourself wondering why one child grew up to be so drastically different than the rest? Why one is so well behaved and the other ...

Why Educate Your Children: The Law of First Mention Kelli Palfy
Why Educate Children About Sexual Abuse: The Law of First Mention – by Dr. Kelli Palfy Parents often don’t want to teach their children about sexual abuse because they don’t want to traumatize them.  While this perspective is understandable, I personally ...

Understanding Male Arousal Kelli Palfy
Understanding Male Genital Arousal:   By Dr. Kelli Palfy. Author of Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse. As psychologist who researched why boys and men often fail to disclose sexual abuse, I learned that confusion often promotes silence among male ...

Warning Signs of Abuse in Children - By Dr. Kelli Palfy Kelli Palfy
Although there aren’t any tell-tale signs a child is being abused, young children may try to tell adults about abuse in the only ways they know how: by acting out behaviourally!  If you see one or more of these as ...

Sibling Abuse - What No One Wants to Talk About Kelli Palfy
Sibling Abuse: A Topic That is Not Often Talked About                                               By Dr. Kelli Palfy Author of Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse   A man recently contacted me wanting help processing aspects of his sibling abuse.  He mentioned no one talks about ...

Males Reluctance to Seek Support Kelli Palfy
Males Reluctance to Seek Help By Dr. Kelli Palfy Research indicates that men are less likely to seek help for psychological problems than women (Addis & Mahalik, 2003; Lane & Addis, 2005).  Addis and Mahalik, who examined the social construction of masculinity ...

Identifying Child Sexual Abuse Kelli Palfy
Identifying Child Sexual Abuse By Dr. Kelli Palfy            The reality is that unless you are a medical doctor examining a child and looking for sexual trauma, or the child discloses, you aren’t likely to know for sure if abuse has occurred. ...

Understanding Child Sexual Offenders Kelli Palfy
Understanding Child Sex Offenders By Dr. Kelli Palfy Registered Psychologist          To better appreciate the prevalence of male sexual abuse it may be helpful to understand sexual offenders. Despite public awareness that strangers aren’t the only people parents need to worry about ...

What Male Offenders Say About Their Victims Kelli Palfy
Research focused on non-incarcerated perpetrators of male abuse (not receiving evaluations or treatment) were recruited from a broad socioeconomic spectrum. Many were young and well-educated. Each was informed that participation was voluntary and given immunity from prosecution. Participants were ...

Understanding Grooming Techniques Kelli Palfy
Understanding Grooming Techniques by Dr. Kelli Palfy Registered Psychologist 4675            Grooming techniques are deliberate acts and gestures which offenders, especially preferential child molesters, often engaged in. The deeds, gestures and activities which are perfectly legal and not harmful in themselves, are later ...

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